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Why The Lyft Undercover Videos are Perfection

Posted by Ramandeep Sidhu on Jun 7, 2017 9:26:00 AM
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3 years behind and still staying alive.  Lyft will always struggle, they started behind Uber and will always have a challenge to compete.  One thing they do right is marketing and their Undercover Lyft videos are perfection for marketing.

Undercover Lyft connects viewers with using the Lyft app and shows them how amazing every ride can be.  The entire video series does a great job in connecting and entertaining.


More than a celebrity

Each video is structured around the celebrity behind the wheel.  As you watch your favorite celebrity drive as someone else, they would mention snippets of who they are.  These little snippets did a fantastic job connecting you to the celebrity you love.

When Dj Khaled was your driver, he would mention everything he is known for...

Starting with his undercover name "Billi" to his fake job as a lock smith with "All the Keys"


They didn't cheap out

Lyft went for the biggest and the best.  They got some of the biggest names behind the wheel of their cars.  

They got everyone from Demi Levato

 to Shaq: 


 An Relatable Concept

The Undercover Lyft concept is the perfect mix of marketing, sales and entertainment.  The video series gets viewers to relate with the concept of Lyft, but at the same time are entertained by the concept of the video.


A great marketing concept and campaign is made from creativity and entertainment.  Lyft nailed both, Undercover Lyft is their biggest and best marketing campaign.


Check out their latest video with Joe Jonas and DNCE:

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