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The Making of Bullet Bride Part 4: The Structure

Posted by Ik Jagait on Jul 31, 2017 10:04:00 AM

We really wanted to make sure that Bullet Bride was structurally sound. One way to achieve that was to introduce all of the elements of the story early on so that everything took place afterwards could be tied to the beginning, and nothing felt like a random add-on. Here are some examples of that:

The Characters: All of the characters of Bullet Bride are introduced by the end of the flashback of episode 2. The main characters, the Bride and the Burglars, are all over episode 1 but the younger brother Shaun is also seen briefly leaving the house and the parents are introduced through their picture in the bedroom. In the flashback of episode 2 we meet the boyfriend, and we hear the first mention of the villain, the Brother, when Soni says that he will kill Khush if he finds him.

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 12.06.42 AM.png


The Gun and the Affair: There are 2 villains in Bullet Bride, the Brother and the Dad, and each of them is neutralized in a different way. The Brother is neutralized by the the gun, and the Dad is neutralized by his affair getting exposed. Both of these are introduced in episode 1. The gun is found in the drawer during the burglary, and the affair is hinted at by Jaggi when he looks at the picture of the parents and mentions that the dad looks familiar.

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There were also many similar, smaller-scale examples of this throughout the series:

The Knife: When the Bride first enters the house, one of the first things she does is briefly think about killing herself with a knife she finds on the kitchen counter. When we flashback to the burglars entrance, we see that the knife was placed on the counter by Jaggi when he was cutting open boxes of sweets.
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The Finger in the Closet: At the end of episode 1, when we see the Bride run through the house from the burglars perspective, we see Jaggi slowly shut the closet door with his finger. In the beginning of the episode at about the 0:48 mark, if you pay close attention you can also see Jaggi's finger shutting the door.

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The Ramaals (Bandanas): When we first see the younger brother, Shaun, he's carrying a basket of ramaals, frustrated that he had to come all the way back to the house to get them. When Shaun returns in episode 3, he's wearing a ramaal.

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