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The Making of Bullet Bride Part 3: The Point

Posted by Ik Jagait on Jul 6, 2017 9:05:00 AM

There have been many great movies made with a clear message in mind. Crash (2004) for example, was about racial awareness, and Traffic (2000) was about the failure of the drug war.

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Both of these films were powerful and award-winning and effectively got their points across. But there is a common misconception that your movie needs to have a point in order for it to have meaning. Sometimes movies that seem to be about nothing at all have more depth than movies that have an obvious message. If you can write a story from a truthful place, often times the meaning will become apparent on its own. And that's what we tried to do with Bullet Bride.


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We started with a basic combination that we thought was cool: 2 guys burglarizing a wedding house and a runaway bride. From that point we began writing the rest of the story. The main thing we focused on for each scene was trying to figure out the most interesting thing that could possibly happen. There were a lot of tough decisions along the way but we always went back to what FELT right. This method made things go pretty smoothly and we finished writing the first 3 episodes in about a month.

Episode 4 was a little trickier because all of the characters were now in the house and something had to give. Eventually though, we figured out that we wanted a big, courtroom-like argument between all of the characters that ended with The Bride finally standing up to her brother and defeating him. In order to defeat him however, we thought that she needed to make some kind of grand "point". And that's where we got stuck... for 3 months. We tried to go at it from every angle we could think of but nothing worked. Although we knew the basic meaning of the entire Bullet Bride story, we couldn't put it into words. It was more a feeling than a thought or idea.  Finally, we had a big realization. We decided to forget trying to make a point and just follow the feeling of the story like we had for the previous 3 episodes. Suddenly, everything opened up. We let the characters speak for themselves instead of trying to force them to deliver a message.. and we were able to finish writing the episode and the rest of the series.

In the end, nobody we talked to could clearly explain what they thought the point of Bullet Bride was, but they all said they understood it. We were able to make them FEEL what we felt while writing the story.. and that's the ultimate accomplishment for a filmmaker.


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