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The Making of Bullet Bride: Part 2 | Cast

Posted by Ik Jagait on Jun 12, 2017 12:47:15 PM

In June 2016, we began holding acting practice sessions with some of our favorite actors that we had previously worked with. Each time we held one of these sessions, there was an energy and excitement in the room that we knew was gonna give birth to something special. That something special turned out to be Bullet Bride. Here's a little bit about each of these Playground All-stars:

SHETAL WATERS (Soni, The Bride): We've been working with Shetal for over 5 years. We've done TV commercials, corporate videos and short films with her and she was in our most popular Youtube video: Dark-Skinned and Indian. The character of The Bride is strong, scared, guilt-ridden and courageous all at once. And there's no one that could pull off all of those emotions simultaneously better than Shetal. Her amazing acting abilities are on full display throughout this web series.
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JODA SINGH (Jaggi, The Burglar): Joda was a dancer we met from our TV show, Bhangra Nation, that we made a few years ago. He was an extremely funny and charismatic guy so we began casting him in comedic roles in many of our Youtube videos. Each time, he absolutely killed it. He also turned out to be much more than just a funny guy. He's a very intelligent actor with wide range and he understands every aspect of performing. He's also a master at improvising. In Bullet Bride, you get to experience all of his talents.

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KEVIN HAYER (Khush, The Boyfriend): Kevin has been in some of our most popular Youtube videos including Dark-Skinned and Indian. Whenever we need someone to play a likable, sincere, kind-hearted guy, we call on Kevin, because he has the ability to make those characters unique and interesting. Often times, those types of characters can end up very bland so you need someone with charisma and depth to make the audience fall in love with them. Kevin manages to pull that off every single time. In Bullet Bride, he pulls it off better than he ever has before.

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KULDEEP SIDHU (Kabir, The Brother): Kuldeep has been a friend of ours for close to 10 years. He has a larger than life personality and presence, so when we first started making short films he was an obvious person to cast in them. It turned out that he was a very gifted actor as well and he's been in our films/videos ever since. When we wrote the role of The Brother in "Bullet Bride" there was no one else we even considered. He was the perfect fit and his performance was even better than we expected.

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SHUBEG HAYER (Shaun, The Little Brother): Shubeg is the only actor in Bullet Bride who we had never worked with before. We saw his popular sports comedy videos on Instagram and loved his energy and confidence. He became a part of our acting practice crew and subsequently was cast in Bullet Bride. On set he we would refer to him as the one take wonder because he would nail most of his scenes on the first try. Although Shaun is the quietest character in the series, his presence is huge and a lot of that is due to Shubeg's powerful performance.

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